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White Angel Non-Pierced Ear Cuff (EC9181)

White Angel Non-Pierced Ear Cuff (EC9181)

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Are you a ragamuffin who wants to attract the attention of your Guardian Angels for extra protection or do you have the blood of the Fae coursing through your veins? These inspired little pieces will anchor you in a protective and loving white light energy that will leave you happy and the best part is that they are really pretty!

Shinies that you will adore adding to your collection of jewellery, and they are ouch free, because you don’t need to have piercings to wear these. Means they are suitable for little people or those who have an aversion to body piercing, but would like the look.

Radiantly delicate, this lovingly crafted angel ear-cuff adds a touch of whimsy to your outfit, and is totally delightful. Adding another one of Pirate-Dragon’s unique touches of statement jewellery to your collection is never a crime, simply just a way to give yourself the gift of something truly exquisite, knowing that you fully deserve it.

No Piercing is needed to wear this design, just clip it on and adjust as needed.

This ear cuff is designed to be worn on the left or right ear, and can be worn either at the top of the ear or halfway down the ear.

The tightness can be easily adjusted by prising apart or squeezing together for a snug fit.

Please note that due to a variety of monitor settings, the colour/s, as seen on your monitor, may slightly vary from the actual colour/s.