1. Card Embroidery - What is it?

1. Card Embroidery - What is it?

Short answer is: Following a pre-determined pattern, holes are pricked through cardboard, threads are then stitched through the cardboard to create a design.

Long answer: It is a style of embroidery that has been around for many years and has been known under many names. I originally came across in the 90s via some kits by Madeira known as Pickpoints. I’ve also seen it referred to as Stitching Cards, Embroidery on Paper, Paper Embroidery, Stitch & Do, Prick & Stitch Art, Japanese Card Embroidery and many more.

Many designs are very similar to ‘String Art’ or ‘Nail Art’ that was around in the 70’s and 80’s, however the good thing with this craft is that you don’t have to try and put a bunch of nails in a straight line, it’s a lot lighter and easy to carry, and it doesn’t collect anywhere near as much dust (speaking from experience since my parents still have the one I made in 5th grade.. which my father hammered all the nails in for me, since I wasn’t very good at putting nails in straight).

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