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Gold Feather Non-Pierced Ear Cuff (EC2662)

Gold Feather Non-Pierced Ear Cuff (EC2662)

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Feel a shamanic calling on your life, or simply love tribal wear? This delicate ear-cuff is reminiscent of Indian Shamans, or even of the Star Trek Bajoran style of ear-cuff. They evoke a sense of spirituality, and beauty in the way that you express yourself. Feathers are reminders from angels that they leave us messages, or from our bird friends who desire to let you know they are on your path, taking you on a journey upwards.

Join the flock of feather lovers, and adorn yourself with this really awesome pretty! No more boredom with the same old style of stock standard jewellery, Pirate-Dragon ear-cuffs are truly a unique style. For folks who really love artistic self-expression you will envelop yourself with an entire collection of ear-cuffs and ensuring you have one of these Gold-Feather Ear-Cuffs in your wardrobe will make you feel totally fulfilled.

No Piercing is needed to wear this design, just clip it on and adjust as needed.

This ear cuff is designed to be worn on the left or right ear, and can be worn either at the top of the ear or halfway down the ear.

The tightness can be easily adjusted by prising apart or squeezing together for a snug fit.

Gold Tone Finish

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