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Dragon Ball Z Inspired Card Embroidery Kit (Yellow Card)

Dragon Ball Z Inspired Card Embroidery Kit (Yellow Card)

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Now you can make your own hand stitched artwork!

Do you love Vegito? Do you channel your inner Super Saiyan? Do you crave your own set of Dragon Balls? This embroidery card features a design inspired by the much loved anime, Dragon Ball Z. Akira Toriyama would be very honoured to have this embroidery card featuring his Dragon Balls. Akira is the creator of the original manga comic.

Anime and manga are very much a part of Japanese culture that has infiltrated into our modern consciousness, and the heroes of the Dragon Ball Z series are endearing and timeless. There are a group of hard core Super Saiyan fans, and this piece of greatness inspired by the series will be coveted by anyone who is serious about their love for Goku, Piccolo and all the rest of the characters of the anime classic.

Imagine sitting down to a binge watch of anime, featuring all your favourite Dragon Ball episodes, and happily stitching away as you cry Kame Hame Ha! Power up with the Turtle Destruction Wave upon all your friends and family as they beg for you to make them one, and defeat the green eyed monster when you lovingly feel compelled to share as many of these Dragon Ball Z treats as possible!

Each Card Embroidery Kit includes:

  • 1 x A4 Pre-cut Matt Black Card

  • 1 x Embroidery Needle

  • 1 x Red Thread (50m)

  • 1 x Yellow Thread (50m)

  • Detailed Instruction Booklet

All you need is scissors and adhesive tape.