3. Card Embroidery Patterns - How to prick the card

3. Card Embroidery Patterns - How to prick the card

Card Embroidery Pattern Placement

Fold the card open and place it face up on the Pricking Mat. Place the desired pricking pattern over the card in the desired position.

If using a Tri-Fold Card, remember that this will be on the middle panel.





Card Embroidery - Securing the Pattern

Secure the pricking pattern along the top and bottom of your card using a small piece of adhesive tape.






 Card Embroidery - Punched Card (from the back, pattern still attached)

Carefully prick all the holes using a Pricking Tool. Your Pricking Tool can be a Ball Headed Pin or a specialised Single Needle Perforating Tool.

Whatever you use, try to keep the Pricking Tool vertical to make clear holes. If your design has a straight line of holes, use a ruler when pricking holes to help keep the line of holes straight.

If you make a mistake while pricking, turn the card over, and place a small piece of adhesive tape over the back of the card and continue.



Card Embroidery - Punched Card Front View

When you have finished pricking the card, hold it up to the light with the pattern still in place to check for any missed holes.

When you are confident all holes have been pricked, carefully remove the pricking pattern.





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