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SGA Stargate Atlantis Inspired Card Embroidery Kit (Cream Card)

SGA Stargate Atlantis Inspired Card Embroidery Kit (Cream Card)

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Now you can make your own hand stitched artwork!

Now you can make your own hand-stitched String Art inspired artwork!

Dial in the chevrons to your very own Stargate! This elegant and dainty needlework fuses the timeless art of stitchery with the post-modern delight of science fiction. Stargate is modern fantasy, awe-inspiring and timeless in its narrative. From the moment we are born, we seek to find a place among the stars, and knowing that we can travel to the moon is simply just an everyday thing now.

SpaceX is getting us to Mars, but the Stargate beckons us onwards to be able to traverse beyond our solar system, and to imagine worlds beyond anything we thought to be possible. The Stargate Universe calls us to release our limitations and bring us into a world of adventure.

Yes, it is a totally indulgent form of escapism, but we love to be inspired and to step away from the nine to five and into the world of fantasy and imagination. Stories will always be around to make us feel the depths of our souls, and we love our Stargate stories for these very reasons. From the time of the ancients, to an incredible future, Stargate is one of the few stories that interweave our lives from the time of our ancestors to our possible far distant future living spread out among the stars.

Every time you look at your inspirational stitchwork, you will feel satisfied in the knowledge that you have brought a little piece of humanity’s ultimate story into your life. Pirate-Dragon embroidery card kits always are a little bit edgier and different from the rest of the mass produced cute stuff, and only ever for those who muse on the awesome.

Each Card Embroidery Kit includes:

  • 1 x A4 Black Card with Gold Foil Glyphs

  • 1 x Embroidery Needle

  • 1 x Metallic Silver Thread (50m)

  • Detailed Instruction Booklet

All you need is scissors and adhesive tape.