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Scott's Bands (Teen Wolf) Card Embroidery Kit (White Card)

Scott's Bands (Teen Wolf) Card Embroidery Kit (White Card)

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Now you can make your own hand stitched artwork!

The Nemeton, a sacred space honoured amongst the wolf tribes, is represented by the bands of Scott’s tattoo in the Teen Wolf series. He explains that they are a reward and they keep him on target to becoming who he needs to be. As the Nemeton tree grows, so too the bands around Scott’s arm.

He has to go to great lengths to maintain this tattoo, due to his obscenely powerful healing skills. Scott has his mystical connection to the Nemeton evident in his magical tattoos. The Nemeton tree exists in a sacred space, and it where the wolves gather to connect with one another, and receive an infusion of power and life force from their sacred tree. It is deeply connected to Scott’s family, and as the rings of a tree grow, so do the bands around his arm.

Tribal, yet nerdy, these are the perfect convergence of uber cool. For the Teen Wolf fans, this is definitely one to add to your collection. Skill yourself up and prepare for the enjoyment of stitching away this mystic design, and feel the absolute delight of your own inner wunderkind as you place it high up on your wall amongst the other cool stitcheries that are oh-so-very Pirate Dragon.

Your friends will want one too, so be warned that one is never enough when you start collecting our clever range of Card Embroidery designs that are great for even the newest needlework lover. Be an expert in your own time, and celebrate your glamorous touch of luxe living, nerd style with Pirate Dragon pretties.

Each Card Embroidery Kit includes:

  • 1 x A4 Pre-cut Pearlised White Card

  • 1 x Embroidery Needle

  • 1 x Metallic Rainbow Thread (50m)

  • Detailed Instruction Booklet

All you need is scissors and adhesive tape.