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Red Apple Non-Pierced Ear Cuff (EC2856)

Red Apple Non-Pierced Ear Cuff (EC2856)

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Got a special little person in your life that loves cute jewellery? Has he or she been begging for something really unique, and you want to indulge their little fantasy? You might have a friend who is uniquely expressive, and loves to slide somewhere around the gender spectrum, and to him, her or non-binary, one of these gorgeous little tokens of affection is sure to delight.

Pirate-Dragon has a very progressive range of jewellery. A new type of androgynous clothing style is du-jour for those with high self-expression, and Pirate-Dragon feature some gems that will add to the unique ways that a person desires to style. Being non-binary does not mean going jewellery free, or having to adorn yourself with generic pieces.

Life is about art and self-expression. These cute little nuances of pop-art and fancy are as delightful to children as they are to those who are just in touch with their inner hipster. Buy one, two, or three, and gift these little treasures of jewellery.

This ear cuff is designed to be worn on the left or right ear, and can be worn either at the top of the ear or halfway down the ear.

The tightness can be easily adjusted by prising apart or squeezing together for a snug fit.

Please note that due to a variety of monitor settings, the colour/s, as seen on your monitor, may slightly vary from the actual colour/s.