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Dark Pink Gem Owl Non-Pierced Ear Cuff (EC9207)

Dark Pink Gem Owl Non-Pierced Ear Cuff (EC9207)

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The mavens of wisdom beckon the owl. She will gladly speak the nuances of knowledge into your ears as you grace your ears with her presence. Gemmed and bedecked in delicate statement bling, this Owl non-pierced ear-cuff is a must-have trinket for those who love birds, and the seekers of wisdom.

Owls are a symbol of the ancient ways of wisdom and the witching ways of scrying for the right path. When you acknowledge that you seek the treasures of the old ways, then the owl becomes your symbol of being one with the ways of the magical.

Accept your wonder, and let the world know that you are a source of energetic enlightenment. Pirate-Dragon is as fanciful and delightful as a storybook store filled with ancient tomes of leather bound wonder. This creation becomes yours to wear, and set with love in its place upon your graceful ears.

No Piercing is needed to wear this design, just clip it on and adjust as needed.

This ear cuff is designed to be worn on the left or right ear, and can be worn either at the top of the ear or halfway down the ear.

The tightness can be easily adjusted by prising apart or squeezing together for a snug fit.

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