Card Embroidery - FAQs, Hints & Tips

1. Card Embroidery - What is it?

What is it and where did it start?

2. Card Embroidery - What do I need to start?

What tools/supplies are needed to have a go at this craft?

3. Card Embroidery Patterns - How to prick the card

How to transfer the Pattern from the Instructions Sheet to the card of choice.

4. Card Embroidery - Stitching the design

How to secure the thread and get sewing!

5. Card Embroidery - Finishing off your Stitched Work

How to take the stitched piece and finish it off.

6. Card Embroidery - General Hints and Tips

General Hints & Tips when doing Card Embroidery

Card Embroidery - Design Requests/Suggestions

Can’t find the design you were looking for? We are making new designs all the time and we want your suggestions!

Please feel free to put your requests/suggestions below. No obligation to buy, it just helps me to prioritise what design to work on next!

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I am interested in:

Please Note: Submitting a Design Request/Suggestion does not guarantee your design will be done in a specific time frame. If you are looking to commission a particular design that is required within a certain time frame, please use our Contact page or email me directly at to work through your specific needs.